About myRecycledContent

About this initiative

This platform is an initiative of TWIICE in cooperation with myRecycledContent.eu, whose initial mission is to provide a collective response to the development of plastics circularity. It is part of the future Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme for industrial packaging, which will be introduced in France in 2025.

Our areas of action

In parallel with this mission, TWIICE has set a goal to develop and implement circularity for industrial plastic packaging by taking action in 4 areas:

  • Organising the take-back, recycling and re-use of industrial and commercial plastic packaging waste
  • Developing recycling loops that extend all the way back to the packaging for ICPW
  • Contributing to the emergence of industrial players in the regeneration and recycling of ICPW
  • Identifying outlets for these regenerated plastics.
Twiice Emballages Industriels Femme Plastique

TWIICE aspires to become the approved body in France for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) applied to industrial packaging.